“Invert always Invert” Charlie Munger

I learned this lesson from Charlie Munger’s book Poor Charlies Almanack and I used regularly ever since.


It’s quiet straight forward, instead of thinking forwards think backwards. Turn the question around and ask the opposite!

  • For instance instead of asking what you are good at begin by clarifying what your bad at.
  • Instead of asking what your website should look like begin by asking what it  defiantly should not look like and then work from there.
  • Instead of asking what business you want to start ask what business you don’t want to start.
  • Instead of asking what you weaknesses are find out what your biggest  strengths are and build your foundation on them.
  • Instead of asking yourself what you look for in a partner, ask what you absolutely don’t want. …


This simple method will help you greatly when there are a lot of options to choose from! You can use it pretty much in every area of life.