Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL Officer, I read this great book by him recently, and here are my notes on it. The lessons in it are mainly on leadership.

  • There are no bad teams only bad leaders.
  • Take full Ownership of your Life. You have to take full responsibility for everything you do, there is no one to blame but you.
  • The Leader has to believe in his vision. Without that believe he can’t inspire people, especially when the goal is something outside most people’s comfort zone.
  • People have to have a Why for doing anything. Dont just give orders but give them a meaningful answer to “Why?” doing X.
  • Keep the Ego in check, go forward with humility. keep your Ego in check.
  • prioritize and execute. When shit hits the fan prioritize the next best step and move on, don’t get paralyzed by chaos. Just take the first step.


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Drive by Dan Pink // Motivation

The most crucial points of the book:
Motivation that come from the outside is never really lasting and effective, real motivation comes from within.
The three elements to true motivation:
1. Autonomy: People need to feel that they have some level of control over their enviroment. Give people a sense of control.
2. Mastery: People need to feel the possibility to improve, if there is no room for improvement no one will strive for it.
3. Purpose: Give people a good “Why” for doing something, frame it in their interests not in yours.

Only if all three elements are satisfied people are really motivated and happy to help you. But never forget, without giving something back no on will be motivated to help you for too long. Make sure to give back.

Focus Question, Gary Keller

I got this lesson from the book The One Thing by Gary Keller.

Our Focus is at his best when its concentrated on one thing at a time! To find that one thin there is something called a focus question you can use:


What is the One Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?


This Question has two parts, with a special meaning:

  1. Only one thing and something that is doable (“I can do”).
  2. The leverage test, your One Thing must make other things unnecessary


Ask this Question for every area of your life on a daily basis (Wealth, Love, Health, Happiness) to choose your main objective for that area. You can also add a time frame such as “right now” or “this year”.


I highly recommend reading Gary Keller’s book The One Thing it will change your life. He also has a Website with many great tips on the topic of Time-Management.



Smarter Better Faster by Charles Duhigg

Smarter Better Faster by Charles Duhigg
My personal three main points:
1. To motivate oneself or someone else start by making small decisions to feel in control. These decisions don’t have to be big ones.
2. Goal setting: Set large ones but connect these with short-term goals you can do now. “What can I do today that moves me toward my goal ?”
3. Decision Making: Visualize what scenarios could happen, be specific then think of the actual probability of each happening. Then make a decision.