Mindset by Carol Dweck

Notes from the book Mindset by Carol Deck

The main idea is that there are two Mindsets in which all of as think about our abilities:
Fixed Mindset:
“A fixed mindset comes from the belief that your qualities are carved in stone – who you are is who you are, period. Characteristics such as intelligence, personality, and creativity are fixed traits, rather than something that can be developed.”
Having a fixed mindset creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over – criticism is seen as an attack on your character, and to be avoided. Having a growth mindset encourages learning and effort. lurking behind that self-esteem of the fixed mindset is a simple question: If you’re somebody when you’re successful, what are you when you’re unsuccessful?
People with that mindset choose a career and stick with it for the rest of their life. Or why  we start something and stop after the first setback, instead of embracing the process. Instead of seeing that life is as constant learning process they see it as fixed forever.
Also the school system in the western world is build on that mindset, thinking that grades determine our success for the rest of our life. Thinking that you can teach everyone the same way and accept an even playing field, instead of considering that people learn in different ways and in different speeds. 
“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that its stupid” -Einstein
Growth Mindset:
“A growth mindset comes from the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through effort. Yes, people differ greatly – in aptitude, talents, interests, or temperaments – but everyone can change and grow through application and experience.
Your mindset likely varies from area to area. Your views may be different for artistic talent, intelligence, personality, or creativity.”
People with that mindset see live as a never ending road to mastery that we will never really reach and are fine with that. They have a student mindset. They know that they will get better and things that is why they constantly try new things and aren’t afraid to fail since failure is another opportunity to grow and learn. 

People rise to the top because they keep working on themselves and don’t believe that their abilities are carved in stone – we can improve we see it over and over again.We will experience more failures that way because you are constantly trying and learning new things but failure in  necessary to succeed.

To change a mindset that was there for our whole life is very difficult. We have to see the evidence around for us to change that, look at successful people at the top of your field. Were they always world-class at what are doing today? Did the teachers see them as geniuses when they were young? For the most part their abilities improved over time. Yes we have certain limit at how good we be at doing certain things but it’s almost never as low as we think and by trying to improve something at least we will become as good as we possibly be.

The biggest problem is that the system strongly believe in the Fixed Mindset, it gets imprinted into our head at a really young age, we think that our ability to be good at math is fixed. If we suck we will suck forever. This thinking makes growing impossible, there is no reason to read a book about math since we wont get any better anyway.

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