The Everything Store by Brad Stone, Newsletter Summary

 Jeff Bezos build a 290 Billion Dollar Company called, here are some of the lessons from his biography.
  • Always try to remove friction from the customer experience, make it as simple as possible for people.
  • Invent your way out of the hole, we all face adversity, the best way to beat is by searching for a new way.
  • Regret minimization, try to minimize the regret you will have at the end of your life. This is in Bezos opinion the best way to live a good life.
  • Everything that is not a Law of Nature is up to debate.
  • Amazon’s core values: Customer obsession, frugality, bias for action, ownership and high bar for talent
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, go by trial and error.
  • Have a Chess Grand Masters view of the competitive landscape. Know everything about your competition.
  • Bezos made is a habit to record every idea in a notebook (you could use Evernote for that(.
  • Think Work-Life-Harmony not Work Life Balance, live an integrated life.

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